Welcome to Account Access

Now that you've set-up your account, you'll find all your loan information any time right at the tip of your fingers. The basic navigation screens allow you to:

See your account information in a glance:

including the property address, names involved with the account, and status of your account.

View account payment history:

see a chronological list of past payments including dates paid, amounts paid, type of payment(normal or special principal reduction); and the beginning balance at the payment time. Includes every payment ever made on the loan.

View the Loan information screen:

gives all the key information on your loan including: original principal, funding date; maturity date, current principal balance, original interest rate, current interest rate, payment frequency, original appraised value, current principal and interest payment, current impound (or escrow) payments; current total payments; any late fee; grace days allowed on payments; and any late fee that would be applied on a late payment.

See Year To Date activity:

provides YTD totals on interest and principal paid; and info on any late fees or insufficient charges; shows taxes paid YTD and shows insurance paid YTD. Also any PMI payments or other escrows paid. This screen also gives you the same detail for the entire previous year.

Payments Due tab:

provides the detailed information regarding your next payment including the date due and amount. And breaks down the payment information into principal, interest, escrow or impound amounts, and any other amounts owed.

How to print

to print any page(s), right click for a drop down menu. You should be able to see a print review prior to printing, or send the document direct to your printer.

Additional Account Access support

can be found in the Log-on Instructions and Guide to your Account Access on our webpage (www.cgb-agfi.com). A Help Button Tab is available for additional instruction. If you have problems or encounter lock-ups on the site, you may call (866) 901-3276.

Thank you for your business. We hope this site provides ready access and information when you need it. And, if you have suggestions for site improvements or additions, we’d love to hear from you. You can email any thoughts and ideas to financeinfo@cgb.com

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Any Questions: Please call (866) 901-3276 or email CustomerService@cgb.com

Any Questions: Please call (866) 901-3276 or email CustomerService@cgb.com